Activists and activist organizations have long been aware that “how” you do the work is of equal importance to “what” work you do. Yet working in difficult conditions and fraught environments, many encounter intractable group and organizational problems which are difficult to overcome. ICI offers the tools of applied psychoanalysis, generally the province of the academy or of large corporations, to community-building organizations.

ICI's trainings offer opportunities to learn about the nature and emergence of leadership and authority in groups. This requires exploring the relationship between the inner world (thoughts, fantasies) and outer world (environments) in the development of leadership behavior. Using a variety of didactic sessions, we link the learnings from the event to your organization and activism, including role analysis sessions, which introduce members to the ORA method. The sessions take place in small groups who work with a staff consultant. Members have the opportunity to study their own work roles and also to work with others using the Organizational Role Analysis method. Participants will be encouraged to prepare by identifying a dilemma or challenge they currently experience in their work roles.  

Opportunities to:

  • Increase effectiveness by understanding difference and people-in-context
  • Observe group behaviour in the here-and-now and understand how they appear in your organization
  • Develop your leadership capacity
  • Understand how your leadership style affects the group
  • Learn about "under the surface" forces that impact people, groups and organizations.

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ICI is pleased to provide this list of upcoming group relations and applied psychoanalysis lectures, workshops, and conferences. If you or your organization is hosting an event and you'd like to include in these listings, contact us with the details.

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